Change Your

We are passionate about serving and loving people. We believe that as we serve others we build strong community, find a place to belong and discover more about God. We see the power of community when people are serving others locally and globally and through dynamic outreach events that reach far and wide. Whether serving on an SVA team, with one of our Strategic Partners, extending an invite to a neighbor to join you on a Sunday morning or at an outreach event, we hope you find a place to belong as you serve and love others.

On Campus

We enjoy seeing people use their gifts to love others. We have a large variety of teams that help keep the SVA Church community thriving and we hope that everyone who calls SVA Church home finds a team to join and share their gifts. You'll love the community around you as you serve, and the opportunity to cultivate your gifts to make a difference.
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In Our Community

When God calls us to love our neighbors, it's a unique invitation to discover ways to bless others while building authentic relationships. We are honored to partner with Local Partners that are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. We also look for ways to meet current needs around the Snoqualmie Valley. Whether you get involved with our partners, join an effort to respond to an immediate need, or find your own unique way to serve the community around you, we hope you accept the invitation to love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:31)
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Around the World

We love God's call "to be witnesses to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8) We find so much joy in leading missions trips that have a lasting impact, and cultivating Global Partnerships that have sustainable solutions for meeting real needs around the globe. We passionately pray about ways that SVA Church can change lives around the world and hope you will join us in our efforts.
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